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"In an age of digital over-compression and earpiece headphones, Otterman and his band, Over Orange Heights, create music for big speakers, speakers with woofers that can handle a full-bodied bass-drums rumble, tweeters that can handle a razor-sharp high end, and a midrange cone that can handle Otterman's soaring baritone voice."  - Arsenio Orteza, World Magazine.

Floating in the Whale - $9.99



"Floating in the Whale" was a very good first effort, and on this sophomore effort, the songs, production and performance values have grown, creating a musical experience that sustains a listener's interest...This ensemble creates a wall of sound underneath Otterman's high in the mix vocals.  Here we have a singer as good as any I've heard  in the Green Mountains and a band that can match his classy delivery."  - Art Edelstein, The Times Argus.


Nothing Else so Sweet - $9.99



 "A beautifully recorded, somewhat eerie, often inspiring mock rock opera.... 'Best Rock and Roll Album, 2014'"- The Times Argus.


"United by Otterman's yearning vocals and lyrics that challenge military-industrial complexities, the 11 songs flow together with an ominous folk-rock, progressive rock calm."  - Arsenio Orteza, World Magazine.

The World's on Fire - $9.99



  A Ray of Light  $Free at the Barre Evangelical Free Church in Barre, Vt.


 "A pensive man's statement on all things spiritual"  - The Times Argus.






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