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 Recording Projects:


1. "Floating in the Whale" - Full-length studio album.  (2008)    Listen HERE.


2. "Over Orange Heights Album Release" - Live audio recorded on site for CD release party DVD. (2009)    See Videos Page.


3. "Messenger Album Release"  - 17 song live Country /  Bluegrass album recorded on site in Waterbury, Vt. (November, 2009)  

     "Adrian recorded my bands' album release concert in November.  He worked in conjunction with my live sound crew and captured each instrument as though we

       were in the studio.  Two weeks later he had taken the raw tracks, mixed and mastered them and produced a product that has exceptional clarity. If you are

       considering capturing the rare moments in a live concert, this is certainly the way to go.  Karen Knaebel Messenger Music


4. "Fresh Carp" - 20 song album by 'Dick Carpenter and Friends'.  (2010)


5. "Crossroad - Live"  - 9 song live, Haiti Relief Concert. Recorded on site in Williston, Vt.  (2010)


6. "Forever Young" - 12 song final album by 'Dick Carpenter' for public release.  (2010) 

"I would like to give a big thanks to Adrian Otterman, the recording engineer that put this CD together.  Adrian also wears    

several hats.  He is an attorney at law during the day, and even has his own band and recording studio, to top it all off.  One

day while I was at his office on business, we somehow got onto the topic of music.  I mentioned making a CD, not knowing

he had a studio.  Adrian told me he could help, and here we are.  He has helped me fight my way through this and without

him, it would not have happened.  We think he has done a great job for us.  From all of us, thank you, Adrian."  - Carp. 


7.  "Collins" -  Accordion-based Gospel Album by Albert and Virginia Collins.  (2010)      


8. "Nothing Else So Sweet" - Full-length studio album by Over Orange Heights.  (2011) 


9.  "The Magic of  Christmas Music" - 12 song Christmas album by Carp and Irene.  (2013)


10. "The World's on Fire" - My Dystopian Dissertation of sorts.  (2014)


11. "Reunion" - John Carpenter (2015)


11. "A Ray of Light" - Over Orange Heights.  (2016)





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